Last day of school

Hi Parents,

Another year has come to a close. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and graduation day for our class of 2014 kiddos going off to kindergarten.

AM CLASS – 10:15-11:15

PM CLASS – 2:15-3:15

If your child is graduating, tomorrow is a regular school day, drop your child off at the usual time, then come back at the appropriate time to see your child graduate.

Graduating students will each receive a special T-shirt to wear to the ceremony.

Students who receive bussing: If you are bring your child and he/she normally rides the bus, please make sure to contact transportation services to cancel their ride that day.

And please remember to turn in all your badges to your classroom teacher tomorrow.

A big hug and thank you to all you parents for your support for all our events! We’ve enjoyed working with your children this year. 😀


The LAUNCH Staff

May 2014

Hi Parents,



Talking about the themes at home is a great way to further conversational skills.


May 16th, Some classes are going to the Greg and Steve concert.

May 19th-23rd no school, Kindergarten Transition meetings.

May 26th, no school Memorial Day.


May 19th-23rd, look for invitations soon!


For those classes attending Friday, May 16th, 2014:

Meet at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, drop off at 8:45 AM.

Pick up at 11AM.

Wear LAUNCH T-Shirts.

Have fun!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hi Parents,

Next week is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK. Let’s give them a little extra cheer every day this week.

Monday 4/21 – Make or write your teacher a little note letting them know they are loved.

Tuesday 4/22 – Bring a flower to each of our teachers, showing them how bright and cheerful they make our day.

Wednesday 4/23 – Give your teacher a super-duper high five or big hug.

Thursday 4/24 – Bring a little something sweet for all the sweet things our teachers do for us all year long.

Friday 4/25 – NO SCHOOL! But we’ll see you at OPEN HOUSE from 4-6. Come show off your fab classroom to family and friends. Play games at the carnival, buy some books at the Book Fair, snack on some pizza, and bid on some great prizes at our silent auction.


Upcoming events

Hi Parents:

A quick word, and a couple of jokes, from our Principal Elaine:

What did one frog say to the other?
(Time’s sure fun when you’re having flies!)

What do you call 10 rabbits walking backwards?

A receding hairline!



Our OPEN HOUSE CARNIVAL is on Friday, April 25th. The tentative schedule is as follows:

4:00 – Carnival booths open: Pizza, bake sale, silent auction.

4:30 – 4:50 – AM classrooms open for parent visits.

4:50 – 5:10 – PM classrooms open for parent visits.

5:15 – 5:30 – Announcements and school PTA business.

5:30 – Silent auction ends, reveal the winners.

6:00 – Open House Carnival ends.

We NEEED volunteers for our Open House Carnival!! Talk to your teacher, Elaine, or Chia Ching Li to volunteer!!


SPIRIT DAY TOMORROW (April 18th) – JERSY DAY or LAUNCH/Rocket T-shirt.  Remember May 2nd is dress like a pirate day.



Remember the Bookfair starts next week.  We have a new vendor so the process is a little different.  Bookfair will be open from 11:30 -12:30 daily and all through the Carnival.  We need a couple of volunteers to help cover the lunch times and the Carnival – please contact Elaine ASAP to volunteer!!



Information about dates/ times coming – we are working on details. There have been some changes so its is still a work in progress.


THANK YOU !!! for supporting and helping out at the Trike a thon.


Thank you to our teachers and parents for raising funds to bring Charlotte Diamond to LAUNCH.  I have tons of pictures. Looking forward to sharing them in the next newsletter.


AWESOME job wearing your badges at drop off and pick up.  Thank you for leaving the parking lot open for the teachers – I know its hard for you and we truly appreciate your efforts.  LAUNCH parents and staff are the best anywhere and everywhere!



April 2014

Hi Parents,



Talking about the themes at home is a great way to further conversational skills.

Trike-a-thon on April 4th, needs volunteers. Let your teachers know if you’ll be able to help out. The theme for the race is Bikers, so dress your little ones up in biker gear. If you’re bringing a bike from home, you must have your child wear a helmet and you must accompany them. We will have Science/Rocket guy during the Trike-a-thon courtesy of the PTA.

Donations for Spring Fling auction gift baskets are still needed. Ask your child’s teacher for more information.


April 7-11, Spring Break

April 18, Spirit Day is Jersey Day

April 21-25, Teacher Appreciation week and Spring Book Fair week.

April 25, OPEN HOUSE from 4-6, come see your child’s classroom.

Thank you to all the parents for their classroom donations!

Stuff due Thursday, April 3rd

Hi Parents,

Permission slips are due Thursday, April 3rd for the Greg and Steve concert. Enclose $9 for tickets. We would like to have 5 volunteers from the AM classes and 5 from the PM classes.

Trike-a-thon permission slips and pledge forms are also due on Thursday. This is a our most popular and fundraising-est fundraiser. Pledge on! 🙂

February 2014

Hi Parents,


RED HEART Community Workers/Transportation

Talking about the themes at home is a great way to further conversational skills.


Monday, Feb. 10th, Lincoln’s birthday

Monday, Feb. 17th, President’s Day

Friday, Feb. 28th, Pupil-Free Day

Thursday, March 6th, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, March 7th, Parent-Teacher Conferences


Tuesday, Feb. 11th, Post Office Field Trip. Post Office Field Trip permission slips went out this week, please return them by Feb. 7th, Friday, along with 50 cents to purchase a stamp. Your child is mailing you a letter, so if your home address is different than the one on the green card, please give your child’s teacher the correct address.

Friday, Feb. 14th, Friendship Day. We’ll be exchanging Valentine’s Day cards. If you wish to include a goodie, please make it healthy and peanut free.

Friday, March, 14th, Lomita Railroad Museum Drop-off/Pick-up field trip.

Friday, April 4th, Spring Fling.

Thank you to all the Parents for class donations! We are always needing: small 6″ paper plates, small paper bowls, Dixie cups, napkins, plastic spoons, Clorox wipes, and unscented baby wipes. 🙂