Graduation parking

Hi Parents,

Just a reminder, the church across the street will allow LAUNCH to use its parking lot for graduation.


Last day of school

Hi Parents,

Another year has come to a close. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and graduation day for our class of 2014 kiddos going off to kindergarten.

AM CLASS – 10:15-11:15

PM CLASS – 2:15-3:15

If your child is graduating, tomorrow is a regular school day, drop your child off at the usual time, then come back at the appropriate time to see your child graduate.

Graduating students will each receive a special T-shirt to wear to the ceremony.

Students who receive bussing: If you are bring your child and he/she normally rides the bus, please make sure to contact transportation services to cancel their ride that day.

And please remember to turn in all your badges to your classroom teacher tomorrow.

A big hug and thank you to all you parents for your support for all our events! We’ve enjoyed working with your children this year. 😀


The LAUNCH Staff